What type of Rehabilitation programs are provided at MetroMed?

MetroMed HealthCare Centre provides Interdisciplinary Pain and Occupational Rehabilitation Programs.

1) Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Program

An interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation program provides outcomes-focused, coordinated, goal-oriented interdisciplinary team services. The program delivers services that focus on the unique needs of patientns who have persistent pain, including:

— Minimizing impairments and secondary complications.

— Reducing activity limitations.

— Maximizing participation and quality of life.

— Decreasing environmental barriers.

An interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation program recognizes the individuality, preferences, strengths, and needs of the persons served, their families/support systems, and stakeholders.

This program encourages appropriate use of healthcare systems and services by the persons served and their families/support systems, and supports their efforts to promote personal health and wellness and improve quality of life throughout their life span. The program provides ongoing access to information, services, and resources available to enhance the lives of the patients within their families/support systems, communities, and life roles.

An interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation program fosters an integrated system of care that optimizes prevention, recovery, adaptation, inclusion, and participation. The program utilizes current research and evidence to provide effective rehabilitation and supports future improvements in care by advocating for or participating in pain research.

2) Occupational Rehabilitation Program

An Occupational Rehabilitation Program is individualized, focused on return to work, anddesigned to minimize risk to and optimize the work capability of the patients served. The services provided by MetroMed are integrative in nature, with the capability of addressing the work, health, and rehabilitation needs of those served. Such a program provides for service coordination and management of those persons served with injuries or illnesses. In view of the multiple stakeholders involved in Occupational Rehabilitation Programs, informed consent to obtain or share information about the persons served is provided by the persons served as required.

This Medical Rehabilitation Program  program may be provided as a hospital-based program, an outpatient program, or a private group practice, and/or it may be provided in a work environment (at the job site).

Note: For Canadian providers of Occupational Rehabilitation Programs, the concept of occupation is broader than a person’s employment and might include functional roles such as homemaker, student, volunteer, etc.

3) Occupational Rehabilitation Program—Comprehensive Services

Persons admitted to an Occupational Rehabilitation Program—Comprehensive Services tend to have more complex needs due the nature of their injury, illness, or impairment; length of time they have been off work; home or work circumstances; or other reasons. Through the comprehensive assessment and treatment provided by occupational rehabilitation specialists, Occupational Rehabilitation Program—Comprehensive Services directly provide and coordinate services to address the behavioral, functional, medical, physical, psychological, and vocational components of employ-ability and return to work.