Why is every chiropractor’s treatment different?

The techniques of manual generic spinal manipulation performed by science-based practitioners are pretty much the same, no matter who does the manipulation, whether done by a chiropractor, a physical therapist, an osteopath, or a physiatrist. Spinal manipulation, called a “spinal adjustment,” performed by subluxation-based chiropractors, however, may involve dozens of different techniques, each one different from the other, some of which do not require manual manipulation of the spine, none of which are compatible with conventional manual therapy.

Chiropractic: An Illustrated History, published in 1995 by Mosby-Year Book, listed 97 different chiropractic techniques, ranging from Activator Technique to Zindler Reflex Technique. When a patient goes from one chiropractor to another, each using a different technique that is claimed to be superior to the other, an apparent lack of standards would suggest that it might be best to bypass the chiropractor and seek manipulative care from a physical therapist or an orthopedic manual therapist.