After my back surgery, and a discouraging round of physical therapy, I had given up hope of life without constant back pain. Then I found Physical Therapist Reshma Shetty at METROMED on Finch Avenue West, and I can happily say the difference is very significant!!! After my hip replacement surgery, her PT program not only made my recovery quick and amazing, her program for my lower back has given me immense relief from pain. Reshma is extremely knowledgeable, and highly trained in state of the art Physical Therapy, with all the latest equipment. The high quality of care I received from her has been very gratifying, and I feel most fortunate to have discovered her program. She is very caring, highly motivating, and encouraging with her PT treatments, and I always look forward to my sessions. I have learned so much. She delivers what she says she can, and I feel so much better than I have ever felt for a very long time. I highly recommend ReshmaShetty and her PT programs. She deserves the highest rating for Physical Therapists. Thank you so much Reshma!